Roland GX-24 CAD-Cutter

Produce Labels and Decals with Your Printer:

With CutStudio, you can take any image printed on a commercially available printer and contour cut it. Use this feature to quickly produce labels and decals without special equipment. CutStudio also accommodates larger jobs by dividing them into tiles.


More GX-24 Features:

  • Fine tune your operation by adjusting blade-force with  slide control, even while cutting.
  • Store up to eight settings of regularly used blade and media combinations for quick recall.
  • Two sets of guide lines (front and back) ensure precise media alignment. 
  • Front panel knife guide allows easy sheet trimming and removal of media.
  • Test-cut function allows you to verify the machine's down force before you begin your job.
  • An easy-to-attach sheet roller base helps ensure proper media feeding.
  • A convenient tray on the back of the GX-24 stores blades and blade holders. 

Lead time : 6 to 8 weeks depending on availability

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